Bank Statement Program
Bank Statement mortgage program is the perfect option for self-employed borrowers who need an alternative method to show the true cash flow of their business. Borrowers do not have to own 100% of the business. Our Bank Statement program provideds a loan solution to help underserved credit-worthy self-employed borrowers who othewise would not qualify for a home loan.

  • Loans up to $3 million with a minium of $150,000
  • Credit Scores Starting at 600
  • Up to 90% LTV, No MI

1099 Income Loan
1099 income loan option is for underserved self-employed borrowers who are 1099 workers. Many freelancers, contractors, gig economy workers or other self-employed borrowers who file using W-9s cannot qualify for a mortgage under Agency guidelines. These borrowers can use 1099 earning statements in lieu of tax returns to qualify for a mortgage. Our 1099 Income loan is an alternative loan solution that helps many self-employed 1099 earners achieve homeownership.

  • Loans up to $3 million, Miniumum loan of $150,000
  • Maximum LTV 90% with 700 score, No MI
  • Maximum LTV 80% with 640 Score

Investor Cash Flow Mortgage
Investor Cash Flow mortgage program allow borrowers to qualify based on rental analysis to determine property cash flow. No personal income required to qualify. Debt service coverage ratio or DSCR is a meaurement of a property's expected cash flow to dtermine ability to repay a mortgage loan.

  • Loans up to $1.5 million, Minium loan of $75,000
  • Qualification based on property cash flow-Minium debt service coverage ratio 1.0
  • No DSCR needed with minium 700 FICO and max 75% LTV

Asset Qualifier Loan
Asset Qualifier loan product is for borrower's to qualify using their liquid assets. No employment is required, income or DTI to justify ability-to-repay. We qualify based on required assets that meet seasoning requirements.

  • Loans up to $3 million, Minimum loan of $250,000
  • No employment, No income, No DTI
  • Rates are 30-year fixed
  • Credit Scores starting at 700
  • Up to 75% LTV
ITIN Mortgage Programs
Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) loans are for borrowers who do not have Social Security numbers. Borrowers with ITIN cards can qualify for a mortgage as long as they meet the eligbility requirements. This loan product is a full doc non-QM mortgage offering flexibility for individuals residing in the United States.

  • Loans up to $2.5 million, Minimum loan of $125,000
  • Primary home only
  • up to 50% DTI
  • Credit Score starting at 600
  • Maximum LTV 75%

Foreign Nationals
This mortgage product is for foreign nationals wanting to purchase or refinance a home in the United States. This is a DSCR program with a 1:1 ratio on cash flow. 

  • No income, No Credit Score
  • Minimum loan amount of $75,000
  • Maximum loan amount of $1.5 million
  • A DSCR program with a 1:1 ratio on cash flow
  • Assets sourced and seasoned for 60 days-must be in a U.S. FDIC insured bank for a minimum of 30 days
  • 12 months reserves required and must be in a U.S bank
  • Maximum LTV 70%